Home Prices Increase 50 Percent on Kauai

If you're a home owner on Kauai, you're in luck. Home prices have risen over $200,000 on average over last year according to aloha.social's latest blog post.

What Thins Means for Kauai Home Owners

People who own a home on Kauai will be excited to learn that they have more equity in their home than last year. Of course, prices fluctuate over time, so being patient and not getting too excited is recommended.

What Thins Means for Kauai Home Buyers

Homes are now more expensive on Kauai than ever before. Since we're in Hawaii, prices will likely continue to rise. For this reason, it's important to buy a home as soon as you can afford to. The price of rent will shortly increase following higher real estate values, which will make it even harder to save money to buy a home.

A recent video showing high valued homes, illustrating the recent value increase on Kauai, from island homes tv on Kauai can be seen here:

From http://alohadotsocial.livejournal.com/1207.html


About Aloha Social

aloha.social is an online extension of Hawaii culture that helps to acknowledge outstanding citizens, encourage community activity, promote honest local business, inform about important issues and explore outdoor island lifestyle
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